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Doge Runner v 0.0.3

Category : DogeRunner, GameDev · No Comments · by Aug 18th, 2019

Greeting Spambots!

It’s been a long while so here is an update!

After breaking down my scripting with my wife (she is the best). We found the solution to the overlapping object bug. Turns out I did not move the ground spawn point when I made the ground larger… thus half of the ground tile was overlapping onto the previous one…I know dumb mistake >_<;;

On the upside, I added in a collectible that players can now grab as you race down the endless path before you. This first collectible is tracked to see how many you collect as you run down the path. Currently, you can’t see how many…which brings me to the to do list.

What to do next :

  • UI for number of treats collected.
  • UI for how far you have run. (Game has objectives now, yay!)
  • Getting treats to spawn more uniformly
  • Getting treats to spawn over blocker objects.

Long term to dos:

  • Start and End state for the game. (Actual game at this point!)
  • Touch controls
  • Adjusting screen size so it can be played while vertically holding your phone.
Video of Progress